Connecting Talent with In-demand Careers 

There is now a place where educators and students can go for industry-recognized certifications AND career mapping tools that match individuals to their best-fit career options. And it’s right here. 

Precision Exams & YouScience

We’re excited to announce that Precision Exams and YouScience are now one!


What is YouScience, you ask?  

YouScience is a one-of-a-kind career discovery profile designed to help students better understand their aptitudes, broaden awareness of career opportunities, and make more informed decisions about their individual pathway from school to career. 


Certifications are now powered by YouScience 

Don’t worry! Precision Exams is staying put. Educators still have access to Precision Exams industry-recognized certifications and reporting tools that validate knowledge and prepares students for careers. But now, students can build individualized education pathways that align with their aptitudes and interests.

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Let’s get started… 

Aligning Talent, Education, & Industry 


Talent Discovery

Using scientific brain games, the YouScience Profile aligns individuals with career options based on aptitudes and interests. Within their Profile, students can explore their aptitudes, review personalized career matches, and develop affirming language to better highlight their assets in interviews, resumes, etc. 


Academic Advising

The YouScience suite of academic analytics equips schools with actionable data to advise, recruit, and plan for secondary pathways, college programs, internships, and careers. Available reports include: Middle School Cluster Matching, CTE Pathways, Top Talent, Internship Matching and Post-Secondary Majors. 


Industry Certifications

Industry-recognized certifications allow students to validate the knowledge and skills being learned in the classroom that are required to meet industry demands. Within the certification platform, educators have access to robust reports that help gauge student progress and promote program improvement. 


Talent-Opportunity Connection

YouScience aligns qualified students with local job postings, internships, career fairs, career pathways and other opportunities for growth. Employers, chambers, and partners can connect with students whose aptitudes, interests, skills, and knowledge meet industry demands. 

Together, Precision Exams and YouScience are building communities by connecting students to lifelong careers and employers to qualified talent.