How To Proctor A Retake Exam

For students who don’t earn a certificate on their first attempt, Precision Exams offer retakes. This is as simple as creating an additional Single Assessment test code and assuring the appropriate waiting period has passed. 

*** Check with your CTE director to ensure your state/district allows retakes. ***

Precision Exams Standard Retake Policy: 

·       1st retake: 1-day waiting period 
·       2nd retake: 3-day waiting period 
·       3rd retake: 7-day waiting period 

Creating a Retake: 

  • ·       Go to your state landing page 
    ·       Log in as a Proctor 
    ·       Click on My Tests  
  • ·       Click Add Test 
    ·       Enter your Class Name 
    ·       Select the Period and Term 
  • ·       Click Single Assessment 
    ·       Click Create Test  
Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices:

·       Create a new test code using Single Assessment for students who retake the exam.
·       Pull the Student Summary Report (link to PDF) and print a copy of the standards for stu dents to reference what areas need focus.


just finished up testing my Early Childhood Development class, which I proctored.  It went great!  There were no lags or hang ups anywhere, and the students registering themselves before the exam went so smooth.  All of the feedback from the instructors and students was very positive as well.  The instructors and second year students remember what this process was like from last year, and they just couldn’t believe how much better testing with Precision Exams was.

Lucas Papineau
Kankakee ACC
Dean of Students / Special Projects Coordinator