How To Help Students Make The Most Of CTE Certificates

Your student has earned a certificate — now what?  With a few tips, students can leverage their certificates into powerful, meaningful resumes and college applications — creating talking points that will WOW interviewers and seal the deal.    

Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: 

  • Begin talking to students about the power of a certificate as soon as possible — it is never too early.  Show students the ”How CTE Helps Your Future” video every school year.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to present resume building workshops.
  • Use the 21st Century Success Skills (link to Alex’s tips and tricks) exam to gauge career readiness for all your students. 
  • Remind students to use the 21st Century Skills Certificate as an opening statement/section on their resume. 

Precision Exams provide students an opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities learned in a Career and Technical Education class. Earning a certification gives a student confidence in applying for jobs or scholarships. I so appreciate how easy the tool is for teachers to use, reducing stress and time away from instruction. 

Teri Pablo
CTE Director, Communications Director
Yelm Community Schools