It’s easy to get started

The right technology matters.

With our testing solutions, “Yes, it really is that easy to get started,” is a common phrase.  Our web-based exams eliminate the need to install any client software on your testing center computers.

Proctor Registration

Instructions to register as a proctor if you are new to Precision Exams.

Create a Test Code

Instructions on how to generate a test code which will be given to students.

Proctor an Exam

Instructions for test day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

How It Works

What to expect.

When you’re ready to test, just open the browser and log in. Once logged in, you’ll see the exams available for you to proctor and your students can get started immediately.

To make getting started easier, we’ve created a quick demo. Watch the video below for a sneak peek into our system.

While we don’t anticipate it, if you have any difficulty, please contact customer support. We are standing by to help.

Additional Reference guides

All you need to get started.