Quick Start Guide

Logging in

Proctor Registration is a one-time only process. If you have forgotten your login or password, call Customer Support at 800.470.1215.

 Creating an Exam Code and Proctoring an Exam

Next, select your exam.

    • ·       Pre-Exam – No certificate available. 
    •         Used as a benchmark and to generate data for the student growth report.
    • ·       Post Exam – Certificate available.
    •         You will only be able to create a Post-Exam after a Pre-Exam has been created.
      • ·       Single Exam – Certificate available.
      •         Used as a stand-alone, mid-term, or retake.
Registering Students
  • Registering your students only takes a few seconds and can be done right before testing. 
  • You can  import your students a few days prior to the exam using this file.  Please email to support@precisionexams.com and allow 24-48 hours for processing.  The Student Guide is a helpful tutorial for your students that includes step-by-step instructions on how to register, login, and begin testing.


      • Accommodations are available for those students with a 504 or IEP:
  • ·       Additional time added to the exam.
  • ·       Pausing of the exam to complete over multiple settings.
  • ·       Question randomization turned off for the reading of the exam to multiple students.

Please note, we are unable to pause an exam for any student who does not have a specific 504 or IEP. Students are required to complete the exam in a single sitting. Even though a 90-minute window is allotted, most students complete the exams within 35-45 minutes.

For additional help with these and other frequently asked questions check out our FAQ page, visit our Teacher Resource page, or call and speak with our live Customer Support Team at  800.470.1215.