We’re working to connect classrooms with careers.

The more we know about industry needs the better we can connect students to jobs & employers to qualified candidates. Ergo, we invite (no, urge!) industry to provide feedback on the education standards students are learning in the classroom.

We get asked all the time…

What is an industry-recognized certification? 

It’s simple, really. An industry-recognized certification is a certification recognized by various employers either locally or nationally. They provide a way for students to validate their knowledge and abilities, while providing employers with work-ready employees.


Are you a teacher looking to help business understand what’s being taught in your classroom?

Let us help you strengthen connections to your local business partners. Nominate a business partner by filling out our simple (and free!) industry referral form. We’ll reach out to each company you refer to help understand how their business can directly benefit by supporting your CTE students and programs.

Simply fill out the industry partner referral – we’ll take care of the rest.


Are you an HR Director, small business owner, or big-time CEO looking to bridge the talent gap?

We are working with districts and schools nationwide to align classroom-curriculum with industry needs. We want to make sure students are leaving CTE programs prepared to enter the workforce and fill your demands for good, hardworking, qualified employees.

So, give us all the input. Fill out the form below to get involved in building education standards that meet your industry needs.

Want to see the magic in action? 

One national restaurant chain is working with local educators and Precision Exams to provide career opportunities for students. Check out this video to see how


Last Call …

You’ve read about it, watched the video, and you’re probably thinking ‘…is it that simple?’ We promise, it really is; if you are in education and have an industry partner, nominate them here.

If you are an industry representative, fill out an industry partner questionnaire. It’ll take three minutes, and by selecting your industry specialty we can identify the areas you can best influence the skills and knowledge being taught in local classrooms.