Education Pathways

Industry working with education.

When industry and government align to develop the workforce, the community benefits. Collaboration between government, industry, and education leaders produces programs designed to place high school students on the fast-track to careers while lowering unemployment and strengthening the economy.

Precision Exams unites education and industry partners so each group is speaking the same language for more effective and sustainable collaboration. From engagement of local to international companies, Precision Exams can help form successful lasting relationships that support both industry and educator needs and goals.

Thank you to our education and industry partners! 

CTE Pathways

Reducing the workforce gap and linking industry needs.

A pathway is a sequence of courses within an area of interest that a student may complete to receive a Capstone Certificate. A pathway connects local industry with skills taught in the classroom to help students transition from high school to college and/or career.


Utah’s Commitment

Aerospace Pathway

People matter most to Boeing and they understand it’s a two-way street between education and employees. Boeing worked with the state of Utah to create a custom pathway so that every student interested in aeronautics has a shared opportunity to pursue a career.