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We know what industries want and need.

Much of the focus of education has been on the academic core subjects which are necessary, but inadequate for students to seamlessly integrate into the workforce. Precision Exams listens closely to subject-matter experts from various industries to keep our content up to date and relevant to today’s jobs.

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Each of our exams is reviewed on a one-to-three year cycle by a group of subject-matter experts from industries and education. We closely monitor rapidly advancing areas to stay abreast of changes. When industries adapt and change, so do we.

Our 160+ exams are used nationwide with over 4,000,000 tests taken!

Because of that… 

Precision Exams is a tough secret to keep. 

More educators are catching on every day. Whether you start with an exam for a single classroom or start with an unlimited site license, you’ll see why we say, “Implementation breeds implementation.” We meet needs you might not know you even have. 

Review our standards. 

Look through the knowledge standards  to see how they align. 

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Does it look like we said it would? Does it pass the sniff test? 

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