Industry Involvement

How To Involve Industry To Improve Your CTE Program

Connecting with industry benefits everyone. Students win when they see a direct outcome from the course they are taking. Educators win because they have more engaged students. Industry wins because they are finding quality employees. 

How to Connect with Industry Partners in Your Area: 

  • Share the standards: 
  • ·       Go to 
  • ·       Click on Exams  
  • ·       Select your National Career Cluster 
  • ·       Select the exam that fits your class 
  • ·       Print the Knowledge and Performance Standards
  • ·       Give them to industry partners for their review and approval


Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices:

  • When meeting with industry advisory boards, invite them to review, rate, and provide feedback on our standards.
  • Use the Ratings Tools to provide feedback
  • Get local industry involved in your classes
  • ·       Invite industry to teach a specific skill or standard in your course
  • ·       Invite industry to mentor students
  • ·       Look for intern opportunities

Precision Exams provide students an opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities learned in a Career and Technical Education class. Earning a certification gives a student confidence in applying for jobs or scholarships. I so appreciate how easy the tool is for teachers to use, reducing stress and time away from instruction.  “

Teri Pablo
CTE DirectorCommunications Director

Yelm Community Schools