Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support

email: support@precisionexams.com 

Telephone: (801) 653-9356

Toll free (800) 470-1215


What are the system and firewall requirements?

System Requirements: 

Latest version of Chrome
Latest version of Mozilla Firefox (preferred)
Internet Explorer version 8 or higher
Safari 5 or higher
Enabled JavaScript in your browser
Screen resolution 1024×768 or higher
Disable pop-up blockers, or add www.precisionexams.com to your allowed sites
Add www.precision exams.com to your internet security “whitelist”

What if the internet connection is lost during the test?

Once the internet connection is re-established, ask the student to log back in and re-launch the test using the same test code. The teacher must re-authorize the exam. The students’ answers will be saved, allowing them to resume where they left off before the internet connection was lost. If their answers aren’t saved, contact technical support immediately.

What if a student cannot log in?

Ensure the student has registered. Go to your site landing page, select the Student Login tab, and then Register Student.

What if a proctor cannot log in?

Ensure the proctor has registered. Go to your state landing page and click Proctor Registration, and then follow the prompts.

What if the test dosen’t launch after the student enters the test code?

Try re-entering the test code. Test codes are case sensitive; they are UPPERCASE, alphanumeric (i.e.,they contain both letters and numbers), and eight characters in length.

What if the student is “connected to the test,” but the test doesn’t launch?

Ensure the proctor has “authorized” the exam for that student. From the proctor screen, select the student; then click “authorize.” The “Proctor Authorization” and “test loaded” boxes will update on the student screen. The student can then launch the exam.

What if the graphics aren’t loading on the test?

Check the firewall setting to make sure you are allowing the site listed above. If the site is allowed, please contact technical support immediately.