Accessing Historical Data (2017-18 school year and older) 

Begining with the 2018-19 school year, all Utah Career Skils Exams are being delivered in a new system provided by Precision Exams. This new system provides many advantages over the old, while retaining a familiar experience for teachers and students. Precision Exams is dedicated to ensuring that smooth exam delivery for both teacher and student, as well as system uptime, are our top priorities. In order to access data from the 2017-18 school year and older, please follow the information below.

Running reports for school year 2017-18 or earlier
Login to the old system using your same ID and password. Please note that if you change your password while in the old system, it will NOT be synced to the new system. If you have any questions, or difficulty logging in, please call us at 801-653-9356

Printing Student Certificates

All student certificate data from the past four years has been moved over to the new system. This means that you do NOT need to login to the old system to print a certificate for student, (assuming the certificate was earned in the past four years)

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