Proctor Agreement

Quick Reference GuidePrecision Exams Proctor Agreement

      By accessing the Precision Exams system you accept the terms of the Proctor Agreement

NCHSE Policies and Guidelines

  • All NCHSE exams proctored must be delivered using Precision Exams online testing system
  • Test codes will be made available once your purchase has been processed
  • Test codes are purchased and distributed by the purchasing agent
  • No refunds on purchased exams
  • Purchased exams expire 12 months from date of purchase
  • Purchased exams will be available in your account within 48 hours after purchase. If exam availability is needed more quickly, please call Precision Exams Customer Support
  • The testing window for NCHSE certification exams is August to June

Disclosure of Passing Standards

  • The life-cycle for each assessment differs depending upon several factors including number of assessment forms, test volumes, exposure, and item rotations. For these and other reasons, passing scores are subject to change without notice and cannot be disclosed prior to test administration. However, upon completing an assessment, a score report is available indicating a test candidate‚Äôs assessment score. Information about the range of passing standards for assessments is not disclosed.