MicroStrategy is a world class software company that enables organization to deliver analytics capabilities.

The vision of the company is intelligence everywhere.

By providing business intelligence, analytics, mobile analytics, and advanced analytics, we help execute this vision. Ultimately, MicroStrategy helps people use data to make better decisions and build a smarter enterprise.


Career Pathways

Business pathways including business management, accounting, sales, human resources, customer support, and other business related pathways. Being a technology company, all of the technology related pathways are applicable including software development and engineering, database management, and software project management. MicroStrategy values individuals who are engaged, precise, agile, transparent, and cheerful.


There are a number of opportunities available at MicroStrategy. Smart people, amazing products, and innovative ideas are what make MicroStrategy a fun, exciting place to work. If you’re passionate about great technology and want to help organizations get the most out of their data, we would love to meet you.