Industry-Aligned CTE Certifications

We provide high-quality, industry-aligned Career and Technical Education certification exams that help your students validate the knowledge and skills they have gained in the classroom. 

Employers and industry experts can rate our standards.

Some see industry-aligned certification testing as impossible; we see it as foundational. Because of this, we build certification exams from insights given to us by businesses. Regularly, we meet with industry experts to learn what businesses expect from their workforce.


Solutions for your classroom.

We recognize that CTE certification exams need to be focused on industry needs, we also know it’s easier if it’s something that fits with what you’re already teaching. With over 170 exams, you’ve found the most comprehensive collection, lowest cost, best fitting, out-of-the-box solutions for CTE certifications anywhere!

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Our implementation specialists know the ins and outs to getting started and can help you maneuver through the next steps.

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